A transdisciplinary conference on nonlinearity and disorder in wave phenomena, from microscopic to physiologic and astronomical scales

The conference will consist of several topical meetings and plenary sessions. Topical meetings will focus on:

  • Nonlinear waves and turbulence in space plasmas
  • Nonlinear waves at interfaces
  • Nonlinear waves in biology
  • Partial differential equations and modelling
  • Spatio-temporal phenomena in nonlinear optics
  • Wave phenomena in disordered systems
  • Organization:

    Participation to the conference is open and welcome. However, contributions are by invitation. The conference is put together by many researchers at Université Côte d'Azur. Please do get in touch, see contact. Contributors are invited to send an abstract on the abstract submission page.

    When and where:

    Save the date: 4-7 June 2019 in Nice, France. See Venue about the exact location, where to stay and how to move around in Nice.

    Plenary speakers: