Organization: Robin Kaiser, Ulrich Kuhl


Interferences are well known to affect wave behaviour in disordered and complex systems. Weak and strong localisation in 1, 2 and 3 dimensions are hallmarks of transport beyond the diffusion equation. This topical meeting will be dedicated to gathering international experts working experimentally or theoretically on wave phenomena in disordered systems, ranging from microwaves to cold atoms and random lasers.

Location: the meeting will take place in the Natural Sciences amphitheater, see venue.

Program: see the dedicated program page and also the program of the other meetings.

Confirmed oral contributions:

  • Eric Akkerman
  • Geoffroy Aubry
  • Romain Bachelard
  • Jérôme Beugnon
  • Antoine Browaeys
  • Hui Cao
  • Nir Davidson
  • Dominique Delande
  • Mathilde Fouché
  • Jean-Baptiste Gros
  • Michael Hilke
  • Vincent Josse
  • Fabrice Mortessagne
  • Helmut Ritsch
  • Stefan Rotter
  • Janne Ruostekoski
  • Rudo Römer
  • Frank Scheffold
  • Henning Schomerus
  • Sergey Skipetrov
  • Juan José Sáenz
  • Patrizia Weiss
  • Jan Wiersig
  • Susanne Yelin

  • Confirmed poster contributions:

  • Louis Bellando
  • Philipp Del Hougne
  • Aurélien Eloy
  • Igor Ferrier-Barbut
  • Umberto Giuriato
  • Ulrich Kuhl

  • Please have a look at the full list of contributions to the Wave phenomena in disordered systems topical meeting compiled april 30th.