Organization: Stéphane Barland, Mathieu Bellec, Massimo Giudici, Guillaume Huyet, Claire Michel, Giovanna Tissoni, Jesús Zúñiga-Pérez


Nonlinear optical devices are well established as convenient test benches for the exploration of general spatio temporal wave phenomena including (among many others) solitons, rogue and shock waves, filamentation and collapse or vortices. This topical meeting will be dedicated to gathering international experts working experimentally or theoretically on conservative or dissipative nonlinear optical media.

Location: the meeting will take place in the Biology amphitheater, see venue.

Program: see the dedicated program page and also the program of the other meetings.

Confirmed oral contributions:

  • Thorsten Ackemann
  • Shalva Amiranashvili
  • Neil Broderick
  • Stephane Coen
  • Germán J. De Valcárcel
  • Pascal DelHaye
  • Eugenio Delre
  • Cornelia Denz
  • Lorenzo Dominici
  • John M. Dudley
  • Daniele Faccio
  • Goery Genty
  • Giovanni Giacomelli
  • Julien Javaloyes
  • Dmitry Krizhanovskii
  • Cristina Masoller
  • Guy Millot
  • Arnaud Mussot
  • Gian-Luca Oppo
  • Nicolas Pavloff
  • Antonio Picozzi
  • Stephane Randoux
  • Stefano Trillo
  • Sergei Turitsyn
  • Stelios Tzortzakis
  • Andrei Vladimirov
  • Stefan Wabnitz

  • Confirmed poster contributions:

  • Pierre Azam
  • Adrian Bartolo
  • Mathieu Isoard
  • Raphael Jauberteau
  • Alioune Niang
  • Auro Michele Perego
  • Alexander Pimenov
  • Carlos Quintero-Quiroz
  • Amy Roche
  • Jordi Tiana-Alsina
  • Alexis Verschelde
  • Michael Woodley

  • Please have a look at the full list of contributions to the Spatiotemporal phenomena in nonlinear optics topical meeting compiled april 30th.