Organization: T. Passot, F. Califano, F. Sahraoui


Turbulence in solar-terrestrial environments, an essentially collisionless magnetized plasma, involves a broad range of phenomena with nonlinear couplings across vastly disparate scales both in physical and velocity space. Despite recent observational achievements using the latest in situ- data, and theoretical developments in kinetic turbulence and reconnection, many important questions remain open. The workshop will welcome international experts in observational, theoretical and numerical space plasma physics with the aim to address more particularly the relative contribution of waves, coherent structures and strong turbulence at ion and electron scales in heliospheric plasmas.

Location: the meeting will take place in the Lagrange room of the Fizeau building, see venue.

Program: see the dedicated program page and also the program of the other meetings.


Special issue publication:

Original papers based on the oral/poster presentations will be considered for publication as refereed articles in a special issue of Journal of Plasma Physics (Cambridge University Press). Paper submission will be possible as of June 7th, with a deadline to be announced.

Confirmed oral contributors:

  • Nahuel Andres
  • Stanislav Boldyrev
  • David Burgess
  • Francesco Califano
  • Silvio Sergio Cerri
  • Christopher Chen
  • Matteo Faganello
  • Luca Franci
  • Sébastien Galtier
  • Daniel Gómez
  • Petr Hellinger
  • Pierre Henri
  • Gregory G. Howes
  • Matthew Kunz
  • Simone Landi
  • Lorenzo Matteini
  • Romain Meyrand
  • Sergey Nazarenko
  • Fouad Sahraoui
  • Alexander Schekochihin
  • Sergio Servidio
  • Pierre-Louis Sulem
  • Emanuele Tassi
  • Jason Tenbarge
  • Francesco Valentini
  • Daniel Verscharen

  • Confirmed poster contributors:

  • Lev Arzamasskiy
  • Etienne Behar
  • Enrique Bello-Benítez
  • Khalil Daiffallah
  • Jérémy Dargent
  • Renaud Ferrand
  • Camille Granier
  • Daniel Groselj
  • Denis Kuzzay
  • Lorenzo Matteini
  • George Miloshevich
  • Emanuele Papini
  • Francesco Pucci

  • Please have a look at the full list of contributions to the Nonlinear waves and turbulence in space plasmas topical meeting compiled april 30th.