Organization: Daniele Avitabile, Bruno Cessac, Mathieu Desroches, Elisabeth Pécou, Agnese Seminara, Romain Veltz


Biological systems show a constant multi scale spatio-temporal activity to live and adapt to their environment. Waves are broadly observed in these systems and achieve several purposes: they enable long range communications, they produce a spatio-temporal ordering useful for morphogenesis, cells synchrony. They can also be involved in disorders such as epilepsy. The theoretical study of these waves remains a subject of intensive research as they exhibit features different from waves observed in physics (asymmetric interactions, strong history dependence, plasticity, homeostasis). We would like to invite experts in this field to make a step forward in understanding the physics of these waves in domains such as neuroscience, morphogenesis, biological signaling.

Location: the meeting will take place in the Poincaré amphitheater in the mathematics building, see venue.

Program: see the dedicated program page and also the program of the other meetings.

Confirmed oral contributions:

  • Emre Baspinar
  • Vincent Calcagno
  • Frédéric Chavane
  • Attila Csikász-Nagy
  • Franck Delaunay
  • Alain Destexhe
  • Maarten Eppinga
  • Etienne Farcot
  • Lendert Gelens
  • Damia Gomila
  • Achim Kramer
  • Andrew Krause
  • Martin Krupa
  • Daniele Lagomarsino Oneto
  • Massimo Mantegazza
  • Dora Matzakos-Karvouniari
  • Tâm Mignot
  • Ernest Montbrió
  • Lyle Muller
  • Oreste Piro
  • Antonio Politi
  • Enrico Ser-Giacomi
  • Eric Siero
  • Viktor Sip
  • Anna Song
  • Selma Souihel
  • Rüdiger Thul
  • Bert Wuyts

  • Confirmed poster contributions:

  • Nicola Rigolli

  • Please have a look at the full list of contributions to the Nonlinear waves in biology topical meeting compiled april 30th.