Organization: Médéric Argentina, Didider Clamond, Thomas Frisch, Christophe Raufaste.


Nonlinearities and dispersion of water waves are responsible of numerous and remarkable phenomena, such as the existence of hydraulic jumps in a kitchen sink, of solitary waves of various types, complex behaviour of geophysical waves such as internal waves and inertial waves, and of the formation of giant "rogue" waves in the sea, "appearing from nowhere" and of very short lifetime. From capillary to gravity waves, several models have been designed, but the complexity of the set of equations which governs non-linear waves suggests a large plurality of shapes and of associated mechanisms, that deserve a deep and systematic exploration. This meeting is aimed at associating both experimentalists and theoreticians to publicize their last results and to try to design new mechanisms.

Location: the meeting will take place mostly in the Geosciences amphitheater except on thursday afternoon, which will be at the Chemistry amphitheater, see venue.

Program: see the dedicated program page and also the program of the other meetings.

Confirmed oral contributors:

  • Médéric Argentina
  • Nicolas Cellier
  • Amin Chabchoub
  • Didier Clamond
  • Giovanni Dematteis
  • Benjamin Dollet
  • Alexis Duchesne
  • Eric Falcon
  • Benjamin Favier
  • Thomas Frisch
  • Christophe Josserand
  • Sylvain Joubaud
  • Patrice Le Gal
  • Thomas Le Reun
  • Laurent Limat
  • Paul Milewski
  • Nicolas Mordant
  • Fernando Peruani
  • Yves Pomeau
  • Giuseppe Pucci
  • Marc Rabaud
  • Christophe Raufaste
  • Christian Ruyer-Quil
  • Benjamin Thiria

  • Confirmed poster contributors:

  • Jesus Sanchez Rodriguez

  • Please have a look at the full list of contributions to the Nonlinear waves at interfaces topical meeting compiled april 30th.