Circular hydraulic jump and inclined jump

Laurent Limat
Laboratoire Matière et Systèmes Complexes, Paris

We have investigated the flow and interface structures involved in a circular hydraulic jump formed by impacting a large horizontal disk with a jet of viscous liquid. Among other results, we found that the Froude number at the jump entry seems to be locked to a critical, constant value. This empirical condition, when combined with the large scale lubrication flow structure leads to a “à la Bohr” scaling, with Logarithmic corrections that can be explicitly calculated, in agreement with recent theoretical and numerical modeling. In a second step, we have investigated the jump structure formed when the jet and the impacted disk are inclined of the same amount, after varying the wetting conditions on the disk (hydrophilic, partial wetting and superhydrophobic). The results are very sensitive to the wetting properties as well as to the flow rate and plate inclination. We have tried to interpret the scaling laws observed with simple models generalizing Watson approach of the circular hydraulic jump.